Marissa, 18, INFP
→Natasha Romanoff is my bby
→Still crying over Allison Argent
→Lots and lots of Marvel and Teen Wolf

☛ The Goblet of Fire

☛ Arrow S2
☛ Teen Wolf S4
☛ The Secrea Cirlce

♫ AM by Arctic Monkeys
♫ X by Ed Sheeran
♫ 5 Seconds of Summer

Gardians of the Galaxy: 1 Day
The Giver: 15 Days
Doctor Who Series 8: 23 Days
The Maze Runner: 48 Days
Supernatural Season 10: FOREVER AWAY
Mockingjay Part 1: 112 Days

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"queue with me dumbass"


"Fred Potter, I actually let your mother name you after the bravest man she knew, instead of making it all about me. Now promise me that you’ll take a picture of McGonagall’s face when she realises the prankster legacy you and James plan to live up to. Awesome. High five.”


Teen wolf + popular tumblr text posts 

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hOW can he have such a bABY FACE HERE


Tyler Hoechlin in “The Alpha Male” for August Man Malaysia August 2014, ph. by Bryan Kong.

"I try and stay away from the internet! Stupidly, when we first started I looked up something on the internet and it was bad. So I’ve taken a step back. If there’s anything people are or aren’t happy with, you kind of end up finding out about it some way anyways."